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Certificate № 790/2019

UIC 203167202

МАНИЯ КАР - 2014 is a booking system for passenger taxi transfers. is used by lots of companies, tour agencies or private tourists.

We coordinate transfers in Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania and Greece – from and to an airport, railway and bus stations, between towns and cities and resorts in Bulgaria.

We partner with big taxi companies in the country, which contributes to the guaranteed performance of your transfer and we can therefore offer a transfer, only up to 2 hours after the order confirmation.

Our operators are available 24 x 7 to serve you. They track the flight schedules and inform the drivers if your flight is late.

The cars are driven by experienced licensed drivers who speak Russian and/or English and can provide your with information about the cultural-and-historical landmarks, hotels, exchange offices and other information useful for your stay.

Our car fleet includes all-class vehicles – from economic class to VIP. All vehicles have passed a regular technical inspection and are insured, and the cleanliness in the passenger compartment is flawless. They are sufficiently spacious, with a spacious trunk, which is intended to accommodate bigger bags and suitcases. The cars are equipped with convenient seats, air-conditioner or climatronic.

The service includes:

  • Waiting if the light is late.
  • Reception with a name sign.
  • Luggage assistance.
  • If need arises, one or several child car seats will be made available.

In addition to transfers and taxis, we offer private excursions all over the country, to a freely chosen landmark or destination, as well as rental of a car with a driver.

Our practice has taught us to be loyal in our relations with you, our clients. We always adhere to the rule: "All disputes must be resolved in favour of the client". We hope that this service will also meet your requirements and to all present and future clients - for their trust and choice to work with us

Thank you!

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