In addition to a transfer, you can also use the Rent-a-Car services of any of the companies offering rented cars. This is a list of several Rent a Car companies in the biggest cities of Bulgaria:


Leading Rent A Car

Top Rent A Car

Rent-a-car. Prices of 12 € for a rent from Top Rent A Car. Top Rent A Car has offices all-over the country but delivers cars to any point.

For a booking ☎ 0700 89 050


Sixt rent a car

Cheap car rentals in Bulgaria ✔ Book today and save with Sixt rent a car ✔ Pay in advance and win up to 25% discount!

For a booking ☎ -


Top Rent A Car

LowCostCars provides the cheapest, most accessible and reliable rent-a-car service in Bulgaria. We are specialized in the offering of low-cost rented cars on the territory of the entire country. Our prices are without any competition, guaranteed lowest prices, and the process of car rental is as facilitated as possible.

For a booking ☎ +359 886 00 21 21


Xpress rent a car

The company offers car rental, maintenance and technical servicing. They have a car fleet of about 40 cars aged up to 5 years or having a mileage of up to 100 000 km.

For a booking ☎ +359 885 61 4444


Max Rent a Car

Max Rent a Car offers car rentals in Sofia, Varna, Burgas, as well as in all sea and winter resorts in Bulgaria. Max Rent a Car may deliver a car to every Bulgarian town or city. You can also rent a car at the Sofia airport, Varna airport, Burgas airport and Plovdiv airport.

For a booking ☎ +359 888 783 633



Rent A Car in Sofia


Car rentals in Sofia at competitive prices from the leading rent-a-car company MOTO-PFOHE Rent a Car.

For a booking ☎ +359 2 9842 242


Rent a car Sofia

Rent a car Sofia is a rent-a-car company on the territory of Sofia and Bulgaria. Car rentals at a favourable price without hidden fees. Correct and polite servicing.

For a booking ☎ +359 888 251 524


Pro Rent A Car

Pro Rent A Car Sofia is the ideal place to find the perfect rental car. They offer a wide variety of cars. You can choose among different classes, makes and models in a variable price range.

For a booking ☎ +359 887 300963


Universal Car Rent

Rent a car in Sofia from the rent-a-car company Universal Car Rent. Rent a car at a super favourable price. Choose a cheap rental car, middle-class car, rental SUV, rental van or any of our luxurious rental cars – always at a favourable price!

For a booking ☎ +359 2 417 35 35


Teodor Tours

Teodor Tours is a family rent-a-car company for rent a car Sofia Bulgaria. Loyal and responsive to the clients and their needs. They possess maintained vehicles in different classes and specifications.

For a booking ☎ +359 2 4719293


Veger Rent a Car

Veger Rent a Car is an established company in the rent-a-car sector. A well-maintained car fleet of new vehicles. Veger Rent a Car offers cars of every class and make, always ready to take you to the desired destination with unique comfort and style.

For a booking ☎ +359 893 302611


Rent a Car MARIV

All the vehicles we let on lease are in perfect technical order, with paid state fees and are completely serviced in authorized service stations.

For a booking ☎ + 359 2 870 93 90



CARSSOFIA offers cheap car rentals in Sofia and the region. They are located nearby Sofia Airport. CARSSOFIA is a part of the Top Rent A Car portfolio.

For a booking ☎ +359885078003


„Спидикарс” OOD Rent a Car Sofia

They offer completely free delivery and return of rental cars from and to Sofia airport as well as from and to an address on the territory of the capital chosen by you on a random basis.

For a booking ☎ +359 878 64 72 73



Rent A Car in Plovdiv

EDI Rent a Car

EDI Rent a Car is an established rent-a-car company in Plovdiv. Focused on the provision of the best conditions, at the most attractive light-vehicle rental prices.

For a booking ☎ +359 32 39 49 49


Rent a Car Diablo

The car fleet consists mainly of relatively new cars at acceptable prices, which start from EUR 10 per day and include an unlimited mileage, full motor casco and third-party liability insurances, vignette sticker, child car seats, tyre chains, roadmap, GPS navigation and additional roof luggage box.

For a booking ☎ +359 88 992 55 66


Plovdiv Car Rent

One of the reliable rent-a-car companies at Plovdiv airport. They offer rental cars at Plovdiv airport and deliver cars to all towns and cities and resorts near Plovdiv - Pamporovo, Borovets, Bansko, Stara Zagora, Kazanlak.

For a booking ☎ +359 886 175 20


Videv Rentacar

Rent-a-car company operating since 1998. They are on the territory of the city of Plovdiv, from where everyone can rent a car. All cars are in perfect technical order and completely serviced. The cars are covered by full motor casco insurances and their road tax (vignette) is paid.

For a booking ☎ +359 32 650 372


Super rent a car

Super rent a car is a company aiming not only to rent a car but to turn this into a pleasant adventure for the client.

For a booking ☎ +359 878 716 600



Rent A Car in Varna

PRO Rent a Car

The office is situated in the city of Varna and services north-eastern Bulgaria. You have at your disposal economic, standard and luxury class cars with an automatic and manual gear shifting.

For a booking ☎ +359 895 847171



Accessible prices, variety of rental cars in Varna and the resort complexes along the Black sea coast. After every rent of a car, the car is to pass a thorough inspection and if we find an irregularity the car remains in the service station until the fixing of the problem.

For a booking ☎ +359 52 655522


East Rent

In Rent a car Varna from East Rent you can rent an economic and small rental car for driving in the city only or a more comfortable class car – automatic gear shifting – for travelling across the country. They provide a long-term car-rent service in Varna. The rent-a-car contract may be entered into for a term of 30 days to several months.

For a booking ☎ +359 899 02 15 17


Rent-a-car Varna

They offer a wide range of car makes: small and economic, larger and more convenient, SUVs - 6 +1, luxury limousines and buses appropriate for tour rounds.

For a booking ☎ +359 889 936 046


City Rent

City Rent is set up in 1992. The payment is made cash, by a credit card, or by bank in the beginning of the rental period. They accept all types of credit cards. All cars are covered by an effective third party liability insurance, motor casco insurance, have a vignette sticker, road tax paid.

For a booking ☎ +359 886 553 900


My Rent a Car Varna

They let on rent cars with automatic and manual gear shifting at prices of EUR 18 per day. The cars offered have an unlimited mileage of use and all kinds of insurance policies included in the price. Enjoy a rent-a-car with a free delivery to any point of the city of Varna, holiday resort St.St.Konstantin and Elena, holiday resort Golden Sands, Kranevo, holiday resort Albena and Varna airport.

For a booking ☎ +359 899 183 185


Rent a Car 5

Low tariffs for rental cars in Varna and Varna airport, including automatic minivan with 7 seats.

For a booking ☎ +359 888 145 344



Rent A Car in Burgas


Speedrentacar is a family company founded in 2009 in the city of Burgas. Deposit is not required for the vehicles. You can reserve a vehicle free of charge with a phone call. No fines for their clients for small scratches or a little late returns.

For a booking ☎ +359 888 921 777


ESO Rent-a-Car

The company offices are in Burgas. The company "VVS" OOD is set up in 2004. The company offers its clients also other services such as delivery of a car to an address, car taking. They also service long-term contracts.

For a booking ☎ +359 56 83 85 85



They offer rental cars of different classes in Burgas and the resort complexes of Bulgaria. The prices of the rent-a-car service include full motor casco, vignette, road tax, car maintenance, technical servicing and, of course, unlimited mileage.

For a booking ☎ +359 56 842 699


Sunny Car

The company has offices in Burgas, Sunny Beach and Pomorie. The lessee must have a valid driver’s license of at least 2 years and must be aged above 23. The minimum period, for which the car can be rented, is 24 hours.

For a booking ☎ +359 885 61 4444



"Balkan-Net" is the long-term leader in the rent-a-car business in Eastern Bulgaria. They offer luxurious limousines, high- and medium-class cars, low-consumption cars appropriate for urban driving, and SUVs.

For a booking ☎ +359 887 088 247



Sprintcar Rent a Car Burgas is one of the leading rent-a-car companies. The rental cars are in perfect technical order, equipped for the season and in accordance with the requirements of the Road Traffic Act.

For a booking ☎ +359 897 769 333



Rent A Car in Veliko Tarnovo


"Danailovi OOD" is the first rent-a-car company in the town of Veliko Tarnovo founded in 1998. As a leader in the rent-a-car sector they have proven to be a reliable and loyal partner working with companies and natural persons from the country and abroad.

For a booking ☎ +359 883 360 749


Kamen - Cars

The company "Kamen - Cars" OOD has experience in the rent-a-car industry and offers you the lowest prices in the region from BGN 16 to BGN 110. Diversity of diesel and low-consumption petroleum vehicles. Special up to 30% discounts for long-term rents. The cars are rented WITHOUT A MILEAGE LIMIT.

For a booking ☎ +359886777906


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